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Specialising in Dementia and Dementia Support
for families, Grief Counselling and Counselling
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“You don't have
to see the
whole staircase.
Just take the
first step”

Martin Luther King

About Maggie Stewart

I was born in England and was attracted to working with those that need support through 7 years working for a Child Protection Company as an Office Manager in Buckinghamshire, England.. That role required me to allocate work for the Counsellors, to interact with clients, and required an understanding of confidentiality. Prior to that, I spent 13 years working in the banking sector in London and Milton Keynes. 


My husband and I immigrated to New Zealand in 2007 and settled in Tauranga and have enjoyed living here ever since. We became Citizens of NZ in 2013. I spent 9 years working at Otumoetai College in the Finance Department. During that time I assisted young people when asked  and enjoyed every moment of my time there. 


All these positions have required a high level of confidentiality.  You can
be assured that I will treat everything we discuss as confidential.

Support that makes a difference

My passion is in the area of support.  I am offering a Counselling Service for young children, people with Dementia and support for their families, Depression, Grief Counselling, and also offer support for women who have suffered abusive relationships.


I hold a Certificate in Counselling (Care Professionals) which enabled me to
undertake 600 hours of Training.  Modules passed are as follows: 


Counselling Skills

Introduction to Psychology

Counselling & Psychology

Life Coaching


Elective Modules

Grief Counselling, 
Aged Care & Counselling


I have also completed 2 online courses, one on
the Fundamentals of Child Protection and one in the area of
Dementia covering three modules: 

 1)The Brain  2)The Diseases  3) The Person

I have completed a Dementia Prevention course.



To book an appointment or to find out more about my counselling services, fill in the form below or you can contact Maggie on ...

Ph: 07 576 0006

Mobile: 021 2658 712

Email: cands@kinect.co.nz

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